December 14, 2015


I like orange squash as much as the next guy, particularly if the next guy is Ed Sheeran.  Sometimes I like it strong, sometimes weak.  Once I had it neat but that was to settle a bet that I misheard.

For arguments sake, let’s assume I like it in a 9:1 ratio.  10ml of concentrate with 90ml of crisp, cool water to make 100ml of delicious squash.  Lovely.

Now imagine that I fall for the marketing trap that is ‘double concentrated’ squash.  It’s amazing, they say.  It takes up less space in your shopping, they say.  It’s better for the environment, they say. You only need half as much, they say.

In this instance I only need 5ml of concentrate.  I add my 90ml of crisp, cool water and I end up with 95ml of delicious squash.  Do I look like the kind of mug that you can steal 5ml of squash from?


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